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The side, where the wind is by ThetarielWhitesinger The side, where the wind is :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 18 0 ABLAZING PHIL and DARKDANIEL by ThetarielWhitesinger ABLAZING PHIL and DARKDANIEL :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 29 0 Thomas Sanders FLASH STORYTIME! by ThetarielWhitesinger Thomas Sanders FLASH STORYTIME! :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 16 3 TATINOF: reunited 1D and robot MCR by ThetarielWhitesinger TATINOF: reunited 1D and robot MCR :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 37 0 Sometimes you just want to scream. by ThetarielWhitesinger Sometimes you just want to scream. :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 39 8 Reality Guy: cover by ThetarielWhitesinger Reality Guy: cover :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 14 0 Dan and Phil fashion [3/3] by ThetarielWhitesinger Dan and Phil fashion [3/3] :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 39 4 Phil Lester fashion [2/3] by ThetarielWhitesinger Phil Lester fashion [2/3] :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 30 0 Dan Howell fashion [1/3] by ThetarielWhitesinger Dan Howell fashion [1/3] :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 35 6 #KOOlestJUNEday by ThetarielWhitesinger #KOOlestJUNEday :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 11 0 Letting go of anxiety by ThetarielWhitesinger Letting go of anxiety :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 31 1 Back in the days by ThetarielWhitesinger Back in the days :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 18 1 I welcome my anxiety by ThetarielWhitesinger I welcome my anxiety :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 65 6 ~Happy best friends love day~ by ThetarielWhitesinger ~Happy best friends love day~ :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 81 13 Star catchers by ThetarielWhitesinger Star catchers :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 80 20 2016 Art Summary by ThetarielWhitesinger 2016 Art Summary :iconthetarielwhitesinger:ThetarielWhitesinger 21 2




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Вицемир (Vicemir)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Call me Vicemir or Re, because I failed at changing my dA nickname xD

So hi there, friend! My nickname is Vicemir, I'm kind of a flashmaker, artist, writer, moviemaker (a bit!), visual novel maker, robot maker and... well, you better just come and chat with me!=) I'm realy glad to see you here.

Skype - redcrayon.aristocrat

I'm a big fan of shows, such as: White Collar, Torchwood, Supernatural, Mentalist. Also Lie to Me, Doctor Who, Glee, Sherlock. A big fan of reading.

People who inspire me: Misha Collins (and the whole SPN cast, guys, you're awesome human beings. Love Richard Speight Jr. & Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Mark Sheppard :heart: ), John Barrowman. Andrew Cramer and all the VFX guys. Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil, of course. Every day.
Character who inspire me: Stiles Stilinski, Takao Kazunari, Neal Caffrey, Tony Stark.

Want to learn properly VFX or 3d stuff and someday finish all the comics I want to and flash-games. May all our wishes come true!


AMAZING DressUp (Phil Lester)
[ver 1.86] - check out lates Phil's video where Dan picks his outfits! I couldn't resist the desire to update the game a bit... (…)
[ver 1.56]
 - smol update with NASA, cactee and snazzy fedora :D
as usual, cool t-shirts included!
[ver 1.44]
[ver 1.24] - released! Plaid shirts, more bright t-shirts, Pikachu costume and WARNING: UNMATCHING SOCKS!
[ver 1.0]
 - released!
next version: send me your wishes in the comments, I'm almost ran out of ideas x3

So, as I promised, I release a Dress Up Phil Lester in summer! I think, there will be two-three updates more, there's definitely a room for all his bright clothes ^^ Hope you will like it! (and sorry I cheated copying few parts from my past self here and there)
You can dress Phil up in your favourite clothes from his videos (and even in Panda suit which he never wore but wanted to so much)! Heart
You can read Dan's very comments, much irony, wow.
You can play Owl City - To The Sky (official instrumental) while playing! (I just like Owl City, it really fits Phil's personality, as I think)
You can participate in making this game! I'm planning on making more versions and include more clothes and stuff, so if you want to see a particular suit - write your offers in the comments below (or in ask on my tumblr)! Heart

Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) - british sunshine and youtuber, check his videos out here:

Disclaimer: I don't own Phil Lester or his videos, I'm just a fan, who likes to create games and draw art, and Dress Ups are a good way for me to show my simple fan love to the people (or characters) that I admire. I don't want to offend Phil Lester by stalking on his wardrobe.

P.S. All the comments, likes, reblogs and wishes are really appreciated, I was so surprised of how you admired my work on Dan's Dress Up, it just turned my world upside down. Thank you, guys, I will never forget the kindness of the phandom to the new members :hug:
Follow me on dA or tumblr: for more art and games and share the link with your friends! :heart:

More flash games with Dan and Phil from me:
Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) Dress Up:
EXTREME Easter Game (Dan and Phil):
Spot The Difference (Dan and Phil):

Спасибо за внимание (:
The side, where the wind is

«А еще выше, туда, где синева шита белыми нитками реактивных лайнеров, улетают мысли, мечты о такой высоте, когда облака остаются внизу и кажутся комочками ваты, лежащими на зеленых лоскутах лесов и степей. И еще выше. Здесь, на этих крышах, начинаются звёздные дороги» – Крапивин, «Та сторона, где ветер»

Crossover of my favourite book of childhood with the person, who knows how to dream and be happy as adult, Phil Lester.(=



I really enjoyed the characters, thanks to Markiplier’s vid \// 
[You can find it on Youtube, it’s DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE ]

// Join me on Instagram! [vicemir]

Late birthday gift to one of the most amazing and adorably creative person on the internet :D
I had too much fun with dialogues, so the time on reading them is much more than playing itself. Also I wanted to make a funny introduction and actually went somewhere educational xD

Images used from TS' videos and google, if you want me to take them down, I'll do.
May have hints of english language mistakes ((=

In case anyone hasn't seen his awesome videos yet, here's his channel:…
TATINOF: reunited 1D and robot MCR
«What is your favourite song stored on your brain's hard drive?»

«– I think it's collaboration between the reunited One Direction and the robot My Chemical Romance. 
– Zayn and metal Gerard sing such a beautiful harmony together! It's a shame though that Niall Horan can't play his guitar anymore ever since he transplanted his consciousness into that potato...»

Arts for Tatinof Illustration Project!
  • Listening to: iKON – Rhythm Ta
  • Reading: Max Frei & Bubble comics
  • Watching: Improvisation

I’ve updated info and opened my commissions again! 

And GUESS WHAT, they’re not all about ART, but now FLASH as well! Bring your fandom favourites and OC’s to life \(*д*)/ And also I offer making screensavers for your PC ♥ Check out the information below, maybe you will find something interesting for you there.
За ценами в русском эквиваленте, пожалуйста, в личку.)


CHIBI - 4$

Dan is catching fire by ThetarielWhitesinger
| CELL shade included, SOFT shade +1$
| SIMPLE background +1$, COMPLEX background +2$ 

A thread to the sky by ThetarielWhitesinger Trust Fall by ThetarielWhitesinger
Letting go of anxiety by ThetarielWhitesinger
| COLORED person +2$ 

Scarlet goutweed and graves [Master snov, Ametil] by ThetarielWhitesinger You and I will build and paint this town by ThetarielWhitesinger You and I will go the same Dark Path by ThetarielWhitesinger Dan and Phil Beats by ThetarielWhitesinger
| SOFT shade +5$
| SIMPLE background +2$, COMPLEX background +4$

Dan and Phil fashion [3/3] by ThetarielWhitesinger A bit Mad Hatter by ThetarielWhitesinger  Star catchers by ThetarielWhitesinger  I welcome my anxiety by ThetarielWhitesinger
| SOFT shade +5$ 
| SIMPLE background +2$, COMPLEX background +4$

*add animation (to any) + 3$ 


Feel like garbage with Dan and Phil [+screensaver] by ThetarielWhitesinger Castiel: Christmas Card. by ThetarielWhitesinger Demiurge by ThetarielWhitesinger
| MAKE IT SCREENSAVER (!) + 5$; like this: [Sam&Dean scr.] (note: link is not a download link, it’s just to show how it looks, you can get the idea what screensaver is, just click it, download link

DRESS UPS ~ 35-40$
Dress Up Max Frei by ThetarielWhitesinger Dress Up Castiel: Ver. 1.86 [TOTALLY ASSBUTT!] by ThetarielWhitesinger DressUp isnotonfire (Dan Howell) by ThetarielWhitesinger
| ASK about fandoms first, I need to know them to make a proper game!
| BUT OCs are allowed (:

ARCADE-ish GAMES ~ 50-55$
Kripke's Book of Records (Supernatural game) [eng] by ThetarielWhitesinger [Combo of shooter, spot, driving and drawing]
Spot The Difference! (Gabriel/Trickster) [RUS/ENG] by ThetarielWhitesinger [Spot The Difference]
Melifaro, snowflakes and cupcakes. by ThetarielWhitesinger [Mini-platformer with 3 levels]
Castiel: Gabriel's sweet gifts! by ThetarielWhitesinger [Catch the falling candies]

_____That's it!__________

Also important stuff:

Fandoms (in case you want to know)
Supernatural, Phandom, K-POP, Thomas Sanders, Sherlock BBC, White Collar, Mentalist, Artemis Fowl, Max Frei, Avengers, Running Man, different anime, books and etc.

Will draw also 
♦ Your OC’s
♦ Furry/fantasy animals
♦ Illustration/cover of your fanfic
♦ Pretty much anything, you can just ask, and I’ll tell you 

Won’t draw/photoshop
♦ +18, nswf and stuff, only light erotica
♦ Meha (except robots, I’m cool with robots)
♦ I don’t really like too much masculinity
♦ Buildings and broccoli as well

Send me a note or leave a message below if you're interested in something \(* *\ )
Also you can ask me about your commission status, but I'll tell you immediately if something goes wrong.

[gives a virtual hug to you] You're always welcome! :hug:


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To make my page more comfortable and easier to use, to change the name and for commissions <З

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